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dario contact notice sex relation relationship date dating writing dutch scribbles marker He says he’s surrounded by people who want to get on his good side by giving him drugs, ironically, they are actually harming Danny in their attempt to make him like them. This is a serious issue amongst street related drug use, and Danny is just another victim here. «Downward Spiral» saw Danny rapping from the perspective of someone who’s lost control, both in their life and drug use, having just crashed after a soaring high. This non-stop work ethic causes Danny to live a stressful life and this is likely a contributing factor to his drug use, which is the main thing he waste his money on. «Goldust» shows the direct aftermath of «Ain’t It Funny», where Danny has gotten the girls and money he was talking about on the last track and now he’s spiraling off the rails. While this high has been building up since Danny got his drugs at the end of «Ain’t it Funny», it only hits its peak on «Dance in the Water».

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Danny is too scared to commit suicide, so he relies on drugs to do it for him. So instead of confronting the dark pain of his reality and trying to change, Danny just uses drugs to block it out. From this point forward, Danny alternates at random between braggadocio and his reality. The «white lines» Danny references on the songs title could be a nod to either the white lines of cocaine, associated with use of the drug, or the white lines drawn around bodies at crime scenes, associated with death. Funny how none of them said «my crime ruined my life.» And that is the truth of the matter. His ability to gain fame and success, but still panic when his drugs are gone, is funny to him. However, Danny says it’s funny how those with fame are usually those with the most problems. Goldust- At the end of the last track, Danny came to realizations about the hold fame has on his life, and asked the listener to pray for him since he had drugs and girls on the way. He ends the verse seemingly content with his life of disaster, asking the listener to pray for him since he doesn’t know what the future will bring, saying that he has drugs on the way, which will plunge him right back into his darkness.

Danny ends his verse on an interesting line, saying that he’s trying to stay afloat through his hectic lifestyle. Danny says that he works non-sop on his music so he can maintain a steady stream of cash in order to keep his fame. The implication here is that despite attaining money, Danny is helpless to use it for good since he’s trapped by his drug use,and this calls back to the line about blowing his cash from «Goldust». After finally seeing what led him to where he is now, Danny feels more lost than ever. This is used to show how after gaining money, Danny feels the need to brag about and flaunt his success since he’s been through times when he had nothing. The whole song sees Danny finding the comedy within his destructive lifestyle, and specifically how with his success came drugs, which are the very thing destroying his life. The track sees Danny at the peak of his chaotic lifestyle, and if he can’t find a way to change, eventually it will all come crashing down around him.

Danny is very literally drowning in excess on «Pneumonia», and while he refuses to admit it, Danny is trapped in a system of drug use and black disenfranchisement that has taken many others before him. While Danny’s manic bender has been displayed in many ways on the album so far, like in the chaos of «Goldust», the deranged ramblings of «White Lines,and painful excesses of «Pneumonia», «Dance in the Water» shows the peak of this reckless lifestyle. In a lot of ways we all make each other’s lives easier. Danny’s youth outlined a lot of his best traits, such as his work ethic and ambition, but it also made Danny a darker person through his criminal behavior and the foundation of his downward spiral. Danny opens his final verse outlining what’s become of himself, he’s spiraling towards disaster, and laughing at the devil all the way to hell. Danny’s second verse shows how his fame fuels his drug use.

He says that, like many, drug use is an inherited trait for him, and he couldn’t stop if he wanted to. He says that he wants to pursue Sex Naked Women when under the influence of drugs, and this shows that Danny’s constant brags about having girls are just a result of his drug use. This gives a sad context to the rest of Danny’s verse, which is all about the girls he just said were used to mask his drug use. Danny shows how his drug use is leading to his death in his second verse, beginning by saying that because of cocaine usage, he’s lost control of his life. In his second verse, Danny finds more humor in his situation, saying that even though he used to be a great drug dealer, a talent he used to make money, now that he’s rich, he’s an addict. Danny finds the humor in this situation, saying that the jokes on himself, but Satan is the one laughing, since Danny will undoubtedly go to hell for this behavior.

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