Women Apostles, The Undisputed Facts

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Nail the lady you’re dating and leave her without saying a word as she doesn’t anticipate anything from you. 2 years difference is something you need to be worried about if you are 28years and getting marriage to 30 years and you are competible,why not moving on.problems may sometimes arise but there is a saying that there is a way to every problems.always things about the good things you love about your wife and you will leave happly. Really, ladies, if you can please him in that department better than any other woman out there, you’ve got him forever in love with you. We boast about how «our side» is better in this way, or that, and seem to think it’s really important somehow. I was shell shocked and I am no better healed now 6 months later than I was then. He told her how she is so dependant on him, etc. Then he begins to tell this OW how much of a joy she is to him, how wonderful, beautiful, etc. He really whipped out the bells and whistles for this woman.

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