What is Liposuction?

Liposuction or liposculpture is a surgical intervention whereby accumulated fats is extracted in numerous areas of the body: double chin, arms, breasts, stomach, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees or ankles. At no time ought to it be thought that it is a remedy towards obesity, however a method for shaping the body by removing extra adipose tissue and sometimes even reinjecting part of it in areas where it may be necessary.

The liposuction intervention is carried out under native, epidural or normal anesthesia, depending on the case, and consists of the introduction into the adipose tissue of a special cannula or syringe linked to a vacuum machine that sucks the fat from the handled area. It lasts between one and two hours and in it numerous fluid is misplaced, which makes it obligatory to switch it with fluids which are administered intravenously.

After the intervention it is important to remain within the hospital for 2 to three days so as to keep away from the formation of edema and control irritation, pain and bleeding. A drain is positioned in the operated areas to facilitate the elimination of liquids. Additionally, to assist the skin adapt to the new contour, a compressive bandage is utilized to the treated area, which have to be completely worn for 2 or three weeks and a few weeks only through the day.

How a liposuction is carried out

It needs to be taken under consideration that if the elasticity of the skin is diminished, after performing liposuction, irregularities and depressed areas may remain, which can later be corrected by reduced and selective interventions or by injecting fat to fill them. The recovery of a liposuction is gradual. Relative rest should be done for about two or four weeks, depending on the extent of the body that has been treated. The stitches are removed after seven or ten days, while the swelling and bruising that arose after the operation will gradually disappear in the following months.

Liposuction is a safe approach, although as with any surgical intervention, there’s a risk of complications, even when the affected person meets the mandatory requirements, the working room is well equipped and is performed by a certified plastic surgeon. Infections might happen or suffer extreme fluid loss. But aesthetic problems can also appear, reminiscent of keloid scars (hypertrophied), wavy skin or asymmetries.

The best candidates for liposuction are healthy folks, with normal weight and localized excess fat. It’s also important so as to receive an excellent aesthetic consequence that the skin is agency and elastic, in any other case it won’t adapt to the new contour and flaps will stay that can then have to be corrected with a plastic surgery intervention. Liposculpture will not be indicated in folks with circulatory, cardiac or respiratory problems.

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