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General Manager of Steelman Cobert: There is no problem with the first round of draft

Pittsburgh Steelman did not have the first round of draft this year, because last year they used this draft to deal to obtain Miami Dolphin Safety Swan — Fitz Patrick (MINKAH Fitzpatrick).

In view of the excellent performance of Fitz Patrick’s 14 games for steel people, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping Kevin Colbert, Kevin Colbert, is very satisfied with the return on investment, that is, this means that the team cannot be in this year. First round pick player.

«Honestly, we are very acceptable to this year, there is no first round of draft this year, especially because Mingka-Fitz Patrick replaces our first round of this year,» Cobert said. «In existing situations, the players you may choose have many uncertainties, you don’t have information about players last year, and we use this draft power to change the best lineup players let me be more satisfied. I I really don’t care back to the first round. «

A disadvantage that the player who has been in the first round of the contract will lead to a disadvantage that the steel man can only make Fitz Patrick for 3 seasons for their efforts before the renewal or the privileged player label.

However, in view of the excellent ability to show in Fitz Patrick, there is no doubt that the steel man makes the correct transaction decision. In 14 games, Fitz Patrick got 5 copies, twice forced the ball to go to the ball & mdash; & mdash; one of them returned to Dava & mdash; & mdash; and 9 destroyed passes and wholesale jerseys online 57 times. His arrival reinforces the steelman’s second-line defense and allows the steel man’s defensive group to rank the forefront of the league last season.

Colebert said that the team «very impossible» is willing to trade back to the first round. Their first draft is to be in the second round of 49th. They may use this draft to replenish offensive group.

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