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Ravens wide receiver coach Brown hopes to achieve a breakthrough performance

Do not think this year’s first-round pick to take over the outside Bray Shad — Perryman (Breshad Perriman) will certainly enter the Mowu Baltimore Ravens starting lineup.

In this year of training in the offseason, former SWAT team player Kamal — Aiken (Kamar Aiken) and the outer Malone took over the third grade — Brown (Marlon Brown) each have a period of time as the number one wide receiver Steve offensive team starting lineup — wide receiver on the other side (Steve Smith) Smith.

Coach John — Hubble (John Harbaugh) incentive Brown breakthrough season. «I have high expectations wholesale jerseys for sale him,» Hubble said recently. «I really want to see him get his breakthrough performance …. it is time to make progress and to express their full strength and he is very determined to do that.»

The moment when the end of training camp, wholesale jerseys from china Brown will compete starting position with Aiken and Perryman. «Competition is fierce,» wide receiver coach Bobby — Ingram (Bobby Engram) representation. «Malone has done what he has been doing, and that is to complete the attack.»

After Brown did not complete enough offense last season, losing in the 2013 season as a rookie made seven touchdowns last season, he did not get touchdowns. In fact, wholesale jerseys from china after entering the red zone threat quarterback did not pass through the ball to the 6-foot-5-inch red zone.

Even outside the 3rd to take over his position last fall to Aiken Perryman or later, it will change this season.

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