The Best Barbecue Quick Ribs You’ve Ever Tasted

Barbecue quick ribs, now there’s some awesome flavor. Flavor which is available in nice, tidy little packages even the spouse can appreciate. I’ll let you know what, do not buy the beef back ribs at the store.

Purchase the short ribs. You possibly can either go for the quick (2-three inch) riblets or go for those with the person bones; it is up to you. Now these BBQ short ribs have so much more taste when cooked proper, but in addition they have more meat, fat, and that connective tissue and this could be tough if you don’t barbecue it correctly.

This connective tissue — or, collagen, is tough and sinewy when it is undercooked. But in case you pay attention to your temperatures, round a hundred and sixty-170F, this will start to melt away and impart some scrumptious taste to your BBQ quick ribs. Now you will need to lightly coat your ribs with some oil so that your barbecue rub will stick to it. Coat them pretty good. Here at Chef Michael’s we use our Texas Style Mesquite for our BBQ quick ribs. Not too candy and that good mesquite flavor smoke.


Then, as with most things which we barbecue, we will wrap them up tightly and place them within the fridge for a couple of hours. In the event you even have the time, overnight can be better.

Now when we are talking about ribs, particularly the ribs, our goal is to get each the rib meat hot enough in order that the fat and the connective tissue starts to melt away. This can be around 190F. Not more than that. You could even stop at 180F since after you pull it off of the grill and let it relaxation for a few minutes it will proceed to cook.

Now for the fire, after it has heated up you’ll be able to throw your soaked wood chips on there and let the smoke do it’s job. The entire process can take about four to five hours if you are smoking these BBQ quick ribs. However it is so definitely worth the wait. And as always, towards the end if when you need to slather on some of your house-made BBQ sauce — if that’s the way you want to go with your barbecue ribs.

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