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It is reported that the US Sunday, Fremman is waiting for the plane to Chicago in Texas. When he dine, he noticed a man with breathing, while the woman at the same table was trying to take. Heimlik first aid method saved, but because the woman’s power is too small to rescue, it is unsuccessful to discharge the food in the man’s trachea.

NFL has previously stipulated that all teams must train in the club facility, and they cannot work together with other teams. The Som Mayer Physician, which is the previous player, also suggests that the players will suspend their training.

NFL is expected to open training camp in 7.28, delete the season in the season

US time on Wednesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters report, NFL will agree with the players, will open the training camp at 7.28.

The rookie will generally be a group of people from the first to training camp, but the current plan seems to be reported simultaneously. At present, the two sides are still concluded with the training camp specific arrangements, and how to run according to the draft. «

However, Brown is still fined $ 21,5073 by the team with the team’s conflict with Mike Mayock, Mike Mayock. This fine also means that the guarantee income in the Brown contract is invalid. Analysis points out that the raids have not yet paid to Brown salary so far because the only $ 500,000 training bonus that Brown can get will not be obtained. In other words, if the raid is cut off Brown, they don’t have to pay salary. In addition, Medeork notes Brown If the raid is cut off him without paying a dismissal fee.

Adrian Peterson did not participate in the Tita Thursday training

Although the rheina offensive coordinator Harold Harold Goodwin said the «No problem» in Adrian Peterson, and «will participate in training», but the official injury report Show, Peterson did not play.

This seems to ignite Brown’s fire again. He posted a writing on Instagram on Saturday morning. «When you start doing things for you, you will annoying a lot of people.» And the picture below said: «No problem! I have worked hard to prove that the system can’t see me like this. Now everyone sees this, they want me to succumb to the same year of the same year. . I have not dissatisfied with anyone. I just asked to get free to prove that they are all wrong. & Rsquo; cut off me @ 突 者 # 不 如 # # # 马 给 眼 给 是 原 原 原 的 者 者 者 者 者

Goodel wrote to this letter: «Part of the funds is to recruit recruits advertising and the military market promotion. The part of the audit is indeed not included in the contract, but the part of the contract is 100% completed, in the past 4 The season is used in the army rather than the recruitment of recruits, and the audit believes that we have 723,734 dollars in the past four years. This is what our taxpayer needs to be corrected. To ensure the activities of the army The independence in future recruitment activities, we will re-confirm the relevant contracts of the Market Cooperation Program with the Ministry of Defense. «

Once the Guard is discovered this time it is a pass attack, he will immediately go back and search for the deepest player running. At the same time, the guard can also judge the direction of the ball by observing the eyes of the four-defense. Guard’s duty is to help other defensive guards. You can’t be lazy, he must quickly withdraw and observe the runner running route. Which is the biggest threat? Which one will not prevent it? Journey wants to make reasonable judgments, make up for defensive vulnerabilities, after passing, destroying the ball and trying to copy.

At the team meeting on Friday, Brown apologizes to the team members and apologizes again when they accept interviews. After the arrival of the raid, the team coach Jon Grunetne, said that the team coach Jon Grund (Jon Gruden) said that the Plan to make Brown’s first battle against Dain Buddha wild horse.

The rib injured Run Kovi En-Willians (Kerwynn Williams) was restricted on Thursday. At present, other running guards in the Red Championship are D. J. Foster (D. J. Foster), Elijhaa Penny and Branson Hill.

The 14th team of the Ministry of Defense and Wholesale Nfl Jerseys in 2011 to 2104 reached a cooperative contract of 5.4 million US dollars. He received a lot of questions during this period. People questioned money, and how much is not used on the court instead of recruiting recruits On, this 723,000 dollar is part of the payment.

If you want to observe the offensive line to keep the low block, then he will move forward slowly because he must first confirm the attack direction and adjust the footsteps. By reading the offensive line, the guard can also look through the attack direction, then he will move with the player and keep it in the court to prevent the other party from suddenly change the direction of attack. When running off the run, you must watch the gaps generated by the defensive player blocked.

[Defensive group] How to become a guilty

Security guards, especially the guard is the last defense line of the defensive group. When he was transmitted, he was the last insurance, and it was the front line support. Gu Wei has a privilege, you can’t close your heart like other defensive players. He needs to observe and read the entire attack, then launch an attack, complete the defense. Many people compare the quarter governments in the guard and the offensive group, because the guard needs to identify the offensive format, Cheap jerseys From China and then communicate with other players of the defensive group and adjust. Here are some basic knowledge about the guard.

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