I Don’t Want To Spend This Much Time On Golf. How About You?

Fortunately it was not as hot today as it was yesterday & good golf was achievable with a nice breeze coming through pinnacle logo for sale golf balls most of the day to keep the temperature bearable. The fairways & greens are lush & it was a pleasure to play on the course today. The course was in remarkably good condition (with the exception of the bunkers) after the huge downfall of rain in the last two days. It was not that long ago that rain such as we had over the last few days would have caused havock on the course with bad drainage, mud and slush everywhere. I did hear one rumour that one of our Members, who shall remain undisclosed because she is shy, suddenly disappeared from the course before she was due to hit off as she had left some soup cooking on the stove. Graham Smith hit off the wrong tee marker at the 9th claiming that the yellow markers looked white. Norma & Sue both put their shots to the back of the green & were about to pick up their balls & let Lyn & Lesley fight it out for the hole when they realised that both Lyn & Lesley had each hit the wrong ball which meant that Sue & Norma had to fight the hole out from the back of the green.

WRONG! The day was perfect and the course was in great condition considering the weather that is has had to withstand. President Obama has us back on our heels. Seek what is there to maximize what is being managed into your end. There were a lot of good scores as you can see by the results. It is not that many years ago that this course would have been rendered unplayable for a week after such a lot of rain. At the end of the day it turned out to be an alright day for golf & a lot of us missed out on a good day. We were so lucky with our golf day today — the weather held out with just the lightest of showers which did not interfere with our golf game. The scores were high with some great individual efforts which unfortunately did not count today as it was a team stable ford two scores to count with an 8 o’clock shotgun start which was designed to bring us all in to the clubhouse in good time for lunch and the Annual General Meeting of the Ladies Committe at 1.30 pm. The golf was followed by a lunch break while the cards were being compiled followed by the Presentation.

Peter had a wonderful day scoring an easy 44 points obviously being inspired by Ray Presdee who had scored 44 points the day before ( see Golf report for Saturday 27th March 2010). The boys won the keno ticket which we did not mind as Peter had played so well. Our playing partners today were Ian & Lynda Hartley who were great company. My playing partners for a social game of golf were Wendy Stapleton, Jan Walker & Fay Bailey. My playing partner in the 4 Ball Knockout was Faye Levenspiel & we had a very enjoyable day even as inexperienced matchplay golfers — we considered that we did pretty well. Keep your mind still, along with your eyes focused on the ball. We did not have enough starters to have a competition game as the 2nd Round of the 4 Ball Knockout was being played in conjunction with the usual competition day.

Being outdoors, you are interacting with others, sharing your interests and having fun. A couple of glasses that are cumbersome and difficult to wear will just take your brain of your swing and divert you far from your amusement. Members who have participated in the Harvey World Travel vouchers competition that have been distributed to Members purchasing meals from the club bistro please note that the winning ticket will be drawn this coming Sunday night 2nd May 2010 at Presentation. If you have participated in this competition then next Sunday evening is a MUST DO for you. The IMPORTANT THING TO BE AWARE OF is that the winning Member must be present at the time of the draw. To enter this competition you must fill in an entry form available at our office & pay $20 each entry fee. It should be noted that as the competition is being held at Everglades Country Club Gosford 5 day Members would be eligible to play as the competition is not at their home course.

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