Hair Restoration Reversing Hair Loss

Hair restoration is defined as reversing some form of hair loss either by regrowing or it can be by replacing surgically, or focusing on restoring cosmetically.

Losing hair can be upsetting and disturbs your confidence level for both men and women as it spoils your overall appearance and personality. Hair loss not only affects just your scalp it also affects your entire body too. Reason can be the result of heredity issues, hormonal changes, medical conditions, medications or chemotherapy in cancer patients.

There are 2 main differences of hair restoration. The most common ones are 1) surgical 2) non-surgical replacement. Surgical techniques are i) Strip Method or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) ii) Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Recently, there has been more interest in non-surgical hair restoration because of increased esthetic demand and pain free natural results.It is made possible by using the controlled injection dermal papilla cells or by Stem cells therapy. Treatment plans are usually customized for the individual since each scenario and case presented is different.

One perspective of restoration is ' .' Concerning the use of correct products, doses and combinations are used, the treatment for recovery is the most effective solution if managing the scenario at early or mid-stages.As long as a person's thinning is presented at the optimum period of recovery, in most of the cases hair can be restored to its original thickness and volume. Regardless of the provided stage treatments can be used at any stage of thinning .

Secondly, another perspective is ' .' Surgical procedure is more suitable for partial areas of baldness.Hair restoration surgery is another option for receded hairline in the front area or spray pentru culoarea părului a bald patch on the crown.

Hence Hair Restoration procedures are summarized as:

  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Biofibre Hair Implants
  • Laser Hair Therapy

It is to be considered that hair restoration is not only limited to hair loss or thinning occurring on the scalp, facial and body hair transplants are also commonplaces of concern that fall under its definition.

In both surgical procedures(FUT or FUE), procedure is performed under local anesthesia during which the hair transplant surgeon excises follicles from the donor site and prepares the recipient site for the follicular transplant.A surgical procedure enables the doctor to transplant a greater number of follicular units during a single session.

As continuous innovation within the field progresses, the number of non-surgical hair restoration options grows. Most of the patients are informed well of the availability of topical or oral solutions like Propecia and Rogaine, both of which are suitable as a supplement or as a way out for protecting against further hair loss and thinning.

Scalp micro pigmentation is a newly advanced procedure which is non-invasive and non-surgical. A patient gets advantage by the fact that it delivers immediate results. It is a highly precise procedure done by technically controlling needles. No scar marks are observed after the procedure completed and no further maintenance is required once the procedure is done.

Hair restoration surely impacts our life for performances in professionalism, our personality and boosts confidence in society interaction and social circle. Further researches are being made to treat baldness by cloning. At the present the most frequently and advance procedure for hair loss treatment is FUE procedure.

Now there is micro Fue procedure where hair surgeon used micro punches of 0.7 mm to 0.8 mm so that maximum grafts extraction would be possible and less or minimal collateral damage to surrounding tissues.However one should make proper research and see before and after results before selection of any clinic.

is still considered best hair loss treatment in Lahore and mostly people asked for this technique due to least discomfort and maximum grafts in one session.

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