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Macquard Brothers: I feel nervous about the training camp for the epidemic.

Like most people, McCadi brothers are trying to understand what the return training camp in the next few months and cheap nfl jerseys the opening of the new season will look like.

After recent NFL players were diagnosed with new coronal pneumonia, German-McCourty and Jason McCourty, who were treated with New England — McCourty were discussed in an interview. The anxiety of training.

«I think everyone is very nervous, because the normal is that we will be well trained & mdash; & mdash; we have worked hard, we have established relationships, we will lose weight together, we are in close range of space. Now these are all cheap jerseys from china us here. Go, so I don’t know how to react. I don’t know what it will look like, «German-McCoti said when the podcast show. «I love many players how to pay attention to football, I think we will continue to do this. But for me, I can figure out the future of the game seems to be the most difficult thing now. Honestly, we hope it, but I don’t Know if we can understand. «

Jason McCati mentioned that it is difficult to get players together, especially NFL players, recently recommended players to stop private organizations.

«When you talk about the future, if only 10 people get together to do something like pass the training is very difficult, then 53-90 the idea of ​​personal training in the training camp would be too crazy. So I do not What is the result of knowing things. «

The Alliance is still developing guidelines for players return to the team base, and they are still determining which provision can ensure the safety and cheap jerseys for sale health of the players as much as possible. At present, McCodi brothers and other players can only wait.

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