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[Defensive Group] How to become an external

The outer way is a kind of line guard, which is similar to the internal garage, slightly different, and there are 2 outer lines in the general formation. In the defensive formation of 3 wire guards, it is generally divided into strong sidewall guards and weak side guards. Strong side guards are more powerful and strong, and it is good at fighting near-ends, and weak side guards are relatively fast. Be good at raid.

The male defensive end of the ram is recovering, looking forward to this week.

The St. Louis Ram is accustomed to the training of a week on Wednesday on Wednesday. In recent weeks, the team decided to give some important players a day, they were allowed to wait until the team on Thursday. This week, Robert Quinn, Scott Wells and wholesale Nfl jerseys Eugene SIMS are absent on Wednesday.

The external guards need to have strong insights. They need to observe the movement of the offensive front line while staring. If it is forward, it is running offense. If it is back, it is likely to be a pass attack. In the face of running offensive, the outsideline must change the original source original plan, and go straight to run.

Unlike the inner line, the outside line is in the process of chasing, can’t leave his original side too far, to prevent the attack direction suddenly fold back, you can’t turn it back, lead to defensive loss.

In the traditional formation, the outer saniti is located near the defensive end, or dedicated to the backfield on the inside of the inside. They will not be too far from the sharp line, because they are ready to hold the ball to run the ball or raid.

In a video, Jennings announced the decision decision. «The football is over. I am retired. There is no more violent impact. There is no more violent hit. There is no more & lsquo; reach! Greg — Jennings & Rsquo; I retired and I am very excited to retire. I Life has been related to rugby over the past 20 years. Today, this has changed, «Jennings said.

Sparq is an independent sports data research company established in the UK in 2004, which created a sports ability assessment system called «Sparq Rating», and sales training equipment and programs help university athletes enhance their exercise scores. At the beginning of 2008, Nike acquired Sparq, and launched a series of cross-training sneakers and sportswear equipped with Nike Sparq. At the same time Nike also continues to work with the UK, many professional sports clubs in the United States, and continuously apply and improve the Sparq score system. (At present, Nike has canceled the sparq product line, but Sparq’s score and philosophy have fully penetrated into Nike’s professional sports department)

This week, for the ram fans, the most exciting news is that the defensive core Chris Long is finally going back. He participated in the team on Wednesday and showed excellent. The team coach Jeff-Fisher revealed that the ram was activated in the local time, and he was removed from the injury reserved list.

Brisett is currently a quarter-off guard on the list of colors, and his career has played 23 games in three seasons, and 17 of them were started. In the 2017 season of Rock injured, Briset was started to fight 15 games. On the depth lineup, Brisett was new Shiflip-Walker and the second-year Kelly-Kelly (Chad Kelly), Kelly fought a game for the wild horse last season.

Why is the body weight in the first? Popular sentences: Everything is thrown into the body and retrospective behavior is rogue. For example, the 2015 new show training camp is a big touch of striker, Ali Marpet, his weight is 307 pounds (139 kg), 40 yards sprint speed is 4.98 seconds, although the average is 200 pounds (91 Ki) The left and right junctions are completely not enough, but in the offensive front line player, the results below 5 seconds are the performance of elite levels.

Jennings left a lot of classic catching, most of them were completed in 7 years of effective Green Bay packages. In 2006, the second round was selected in the rookie season, became the first player and received the 400th time of the four points of Brett Favre. In the second season, his reachable ball helped Fats and subsequently surpassed Dan Marino’s historical pass to record.

In the past, the Hawks of the Hawks were completely Sparq as the Lord, and the four-wheeled show Mark Glowinski ranked third in 297 offensive front line players. Six-round Show Cristian. Kristjan Sokoli ranked 1st in 178 defensive front line players (Haiye selection, immediately said that he will transform him into offensive front line, and his Sparq score is placed in this Attack front line It is still the first). Seven-round Shirane Murphy is ranked 2nd in the 236 security guards. It can be seen that most of the players selected in the Hawks in Sparq’s score, the more obvious the turn, the more obvious.

During the effective package, he took more than 1100 yards for three consecutive seasons, and was selected for the professional bowl. At the last three games in the 2010 season, they got 295 yards, and he got 2 in the 45th super bowl. The times, help the packaging work.

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